Lessons of reading with heart. Author’s foreword.

Nowadays term “sufism” turned out to be not forbidden and magically inaccessible like it used to be in previous times. Idries Shah’s, Hazrat Inayat Khan’s, Javad Nurbakhsh’s  and many other’s works got familiar for many people in the world. Those for whom term “Sufism” is still something foggy and unclear must have known such Sufi adherents like Jalaluddin Rumi, Hodja Nasreddin or Ibn-Sina (Avicenna).

The Sufi adherent’s input into civilization’s development is acknowledged — many trifles of life we got used to such like coffee, waltz, trousers belt, written language, numerals – were created by Sufi adherents and then were passed on to people by the grace of God.

Sufism can be defined in different ways. It depends on the person whom we explain. If the person got at the end of his rope, got ill, faced with psychological and communicational troubles he isn’t probably going to be nagging to the name of method intended to help him, to make his life more successful and happy, to bring a real flavor in his life. And to the less considerable extent people, I guess, are interested in founders of this method and in its researchers.

Taking everything aforesaid into account I made in my book an accent on practical side of techniques of health improvement, self-recovering and personal success reaching. People don’t have to have some substantial background to acquire methods and modes of treatment represented in my book.  Majority of people can use them. What is more I even don’t ask to believe in effectiveness of suggested by Sufi adheres of Naqshbandi’s line psycho techniques. Some participants of seminars and their close people just were trying to do one or other movements and achieved considerable result. For example one professor from St. Petersburg, doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences Oleinikov А., I wish him strong health, he renewed motion ability of his arm, that had been paralyzed for more than two years. It took him a few minutes a day only for doing exercises from his wife’s notes and summary she had made at our seminars. There are many similar occurrences. Sometimes salvages ensue in a two or three days after courses beginning. One more participant of our seminars had worked as a pedagogue for more than 25 years and suffered  from aches in right hand – she couldn’t carry some heavy loads, it was painful for her to take even a piece of chalk. She tried some Sufi psycho techniques and in three days restored workability o her hand almost completely.

I appreciate very much that readers who has decided to change their life to better because Sufi adherents treat each human being like a divine essence. As a result of some particular causes, you are going to figure out about them from this book, people’s divine nature suffer damage sometimes and feels unhappy. That’s why Sufi adherents treat people who are engaged in self-knowledge and self-recovery practices with a great gratitude and consider them to minister to the God.

For all that many secrets expounded in my book are laid open to public for the first time. The main cause of getting it relevant now is increasing in last 50 years people’s interest to their health. Also it is connected with custom instructing to pass on zikr practices, energy trajectories and some special forms of breathing from the teacher to apprentice in verbal form (word-of-mouth). By the grace of God world is changing. I was allowed by my spiritual guide, pir of Sufi line Naqshbandi Ibrahim Hajji, let God give him longevity, to spread  some practical knowledge accumulated by Sufi adherents from the immemorial times. From the getting of this permission a few years ago me and my apprentices and collaborators help people from different countries to find health and wellness.  In St. Petersburg, in the city where my grandfather in due time built a mosque, situated near the Petropavlov fortress, was founded Academy of Sufi medicine and psychology, that nowadays is unique center on the post soviet territory where you can get keen on ancient practices of health and mental state improvement.

This direction of work is new for me. I used to be imaum khatib (priest, preacher inUzbekistan) for over than fifteen years. I was doing cure practices as a churchman. It is widely known that eastern people have very particular mentality and everything in our world is obeyed the God’s will. That’s why some hoppings in this world are ordinary. Once my Teacher Ibrahim Hajji, very famous person in the east, told me that I must become dervish (that is wanderer) and engage in spiritual healing. It is worth to add that imaum khatib possession inUzbekistandemands rather big responsibility: under my spiritual trusteeship were over than hundred thousands of people and about two hundreds mosques. My esteemed reader can just imagine how was it like to abandon everything and move into the other world with quite different culture.  Some participants of our courses at first are sooner ready to die than to keep special cleansing diet for a day. Is it comparable with becoming dervish and spending long times far away from closest people – from wife, from children, from friends and apprentices?

But among Sufi adherents isn’t customary to argue with Teacher, because God speaks through his mouth. It’s not like I felt unconfident to get into community with western culture – I had been thought it – the main part of life I spent in Soviet Union: I studied, got through military service, fought in limited complement of soviet officers in Afghanistan, was graduated from university – I had had many deals  with west world people. It is usual as Sufi adherents realize that God is everywhere – in east and west, in sough and north; and each human being is created in His image and likeness. Therefore it doesn’t matter where to serve them faithfully and give them help. I would barely explain logically my practicing inRussiaexactly.  It is the will of God.

I am very grateful those people who turned to me and my colleagues in Academy of Sufi medicine and psychology for help in last years – they confirm the correctness of my Teacher’s decision. Present book is called up to help those by the circumstances can’t attend our seminars, it is called up they to feel on themselves the curable power of methods elaborated by Sufi adherents of Naqshbandi’s line.

I should say a few words about methods, represented in my book. Sufi adherents accept person as integral divine substance. In western medicine such approach is called holistic. We don’t try to treat some certain sickness separately. We create some particular conditions for organism self-recovering. As far as human is God’s creature his body and mind have all necessary resources for self-cure. These resources need just to be awakened. And you shouldn’t neglect anything in this process.

To do such great favor to you like self-help my esteemed reader should learn how to sleep, to eat, to drink, to breathe, to think, to limber up and to work rightly. Also you should possess required psycho techniques to influence on energy trajectory of your organism. Surely you’ve got to work hard and those who are afraid of discipline I suggest to look through this book and to choose some exercise or method, doesn’t matter which exactly, and to apply for two or three days. I am sure your organism will be pleased and will feel pleasure. This is feeling of health. Also you are going to feel more self-confident, solve some communicational troubles, to get out of the Woods.

Working on this book I was imagining really wise and kind reader and I am sure you are, doesn’t matter if your self-esteem is in away.

There is a famous ancient Sufi citation. It is ascribed either to my from the bottom of hearth respected shah Bayazid Bastami, who governed state in the Middle Ages, or to the Prophet himself. The citation says: “Who rejects his teacher accepts as a tutor Satan”. Intelligent reader understands that it is impossible to achieve substantial result having changed nothing. Especially if the illness is neglected. You can cook some dishes according to recipes from culinary book, but to get keen on cooking you have to learn from professional. Efficient fallowing recommendations expounded in this work  will  bring you positive result but for considerable work you need Teacher to be present. I would like to be extremely honest towards this issue and I wouldn’t like to cherish one’s illusions by giving groundless promises. Bayazid Bastami himself had to leave his reign for the sake of learning Sufi mastery. You’ve got to sacrifice something to gain Knowledge.

Working on my book I also was imagining the reader geared up practically, active and even pragmaticto some extend.

Also working on my book I was imagining the reader, who is active, tuned up practically and even pragmatic in a way. Exactly this approach to work can ensure success. When I come across with people, who are discussing all ins and outs of different  health improving systems, but in the same time they don’t apply any, it  reminds me famous Sufi parable about one yang scientist.

Ones one student of madrasah (educational establishment in eastern world) was walking along a river. Some fragments of prayer reached his ears from other bank. Someone was gone into ecstasies and appealed to Allah. As far as youth was diligent student he observed  it was not the proper time for the prayer and stranger was pronouncing Allah’s name not so monotonously as a low supposes.  “Down on his luck man, I should help him by no way. If I do this, I will do my duty of faithful mussulmen” – yang man was thinking. He found a boat and took across the river. Fellow waited patiently, when stranger finished his prayer and then explained him into details what mistakes he had made. Stranger man must have belonged to estate of low birth, because he heard out the student with a great attention and awe, and he even tried to make it with a part of his scanty food. Taking back the student was thinking: “That’s grate! Now this dervish knows, how to pray properly, his prayer will be heard by no doubt!” Giving himself up to those thoughts student ashored the boat and in the same moment heard the voice of his resent converse. Stranger shouted: “Forgive me my sheep’s forgetfulness, would you tell me one more time, how to pronounce Allah’s name, I will impart it to my dervish friends!” The yang man turned around and couldn’t say anything because of great astonishment – dervish was swinging his arms and running across the river on water surface!

Methods of health improvement and reaching wellness suggested in this book were created in Sufi medium, and that’s why they are integral part of Sufism. On this pages reader is going to find out about real Sufi life:  about how to become Sufi, how they gain their knowledge, their way to accept the life, attitude to health and human life activity. Without this information isn’t possible to master really the instrument suggested here! I am lucky not to have to make up or thing over through the end anything. I am not theorist and not abstractive writer – I just describe things I have been through, and tell about only those methods, my teacher taught me, and only that ones, I have tried repeatedly on practice.

You are going to get to know how Sufi work on dreaming, what’s proper time for some particular exercises   for emotional and physical state improvement, how to understand a real cause of your or your family and friends diseases. For your feeling more confident in practicing the book cites many examples of different people’s impressions accompanying carrying out suggested methods. I hope, it will be interesting and helpful for you.

I wish God grant you health and longevity.

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