Sufi secrets of health. Lessons of reading with heart.

Lessons of reading with heart. About author of the book.

Haji Muzaffar Usmanov is student of Academy of otnosufi medicine and psychology, Naqshbandi Sufi line continuer.

Haji Muzaffar Usmanov is student of Academy of otnosufi medicine and psychology, Sufi spiritual guide, continuer of Naqshbandi Wizard’s school which is sourced in depth of centuries. The craft he owns nobody can gain by books reading and doing some exercises and practices. It is impossible to get “certificate of Sufi healer and spiritual guide”. The book is kind of designator to the source of craft. The path to craft will coupe only that, who wends this way through. Only that, which is lucky. 

World “naqhsband” can be translated like “master of oriental robe embroidering”. Founder of this line Bahauddin  Naqshbandi embroidered very beautiful oriental robes and earn his living that way. According to another version this line was called like that because Sufi adherents of this line could “embroider” patterns in people’s souls by doing dhikr (zikr). The patterns weaved by Sufi masters (by the way MH is spiritual guide for many people in the east and not only there) bring people harmony and wellness, conciliation and real happiness in life. In his turn Musafar’s Hajji  mentor is Ibragim Hajji,  who is pir of Naqshbandi’s line and master of masters. At one time Sufi masters of Naqshbandi’s line discovered concealed taciturn zikr  — particular method (frankly saying  it could hardly be called method) how to gain inner harmony.  By practicing of this method people can restore their health back to normal, improve relationship with surrounding people, and protect their happiness.

For a long time Sufi medicine was under a veil of secrecy…  For the first time in history author got a permission to share some secrets how to achieve healthy and full of wellness and success life.

Author expresses gratitude:

I am very grateful to my spiritual guide Ibrahim Hajji and I wish him longevity. Exactly he taught me everything I know and am good at.

Also I ought to say the warmest words of thankfulness my father’s Mukhtar Usmanov. Even though he doesn’t belong among Sufi adherents I always felt his backup in all my initiatives anyway. It was him who urged me to this Path.

I am very thankful Galperin Yakov, academician of Russian and International scientific Academy, doctor of medical and psychological sciences, professor, professor of professional medical Association of folk healers of Russia, vice-presidentof League of professional psychotherapists, co president  of Conjunction of ecology and health, editor-in-chief of magazine “Russian medicine messenger  ”, general director of All-Russian research center of traditional medicine. Such reputable scholar’s of authority support gave and still is giving me power to spread Sufi Knowledge.

I wish to say words of gratefulness to Abdykharim Ysmanhodjaev, which helped me to clarify contain of some of methods from the medical point of viev.

One more gratitude is set aside for Mirzakarim Norbekov. He has done a lot to attract Russian people’s attention to Sufi practicing.

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